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Mold Testing Services in North Miami Beach, FL

Are you noticing dampness and feel like there's hidden mold at your workspace or home? Do you ever think, "If only I knew about mold testing near me, I could get this checked right away?" Well, look no further because we are a professional mold testing business that sends certified mold testing specialists to your place and analyzes testing samples at the labs.

Now be it a commercial place or residential, living areas, attic, or your entire building, we provide mold testing services everywhere to free you of the doubt and ensure your safety. If not tested and identified at the initial stage, it can lead to potential growth and become harmful as well.

Our Protocols for Mold Testing

At North Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning, we take our mold testing protocols very seriously. Proper mold identification requires the professional to be on-site and that's what our specialists are for. All the testing is done step-by-step, and we make sure to check every suspicious area in your home or any commercial place to ensure we get a clear look at everything beforehand.

  1. Taking Air Samples

    Many mold spores are invisible to the naked eye. To measure the quantity and the type of mold and its scope or severity, we take samples of the air of that environment.

  2. Taking Surface Samples

    We take surface samples using different materials like a swab, wipe, tape, or do bulk sampling to cater to all measures in pursuit of accurate results.

  3. Sample Analysis Performed by Certified Laboratories

    The samples are then sent to a certified laboratory entitled to perform further mold testing procedures and give results accordingly.

  4. Protocols According to Results

    Depending on the results from the labs, we then provide the instructions, or mold remediation protocol, for mold removal, or determine that no further action is required at all.

Schedule Testing with Us in North Miami Beach

Tired of mold growth around your place? So, what's stopping you from getting the mold testing services you definitely need? We work together with our partner company, O2 Mold Testing, to make sure you receive a prompt, professional mold testing service for your property.

Get certified mold specialists from North Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning. We're only a call away, you know.


Mold Testing FAQs

Do Our Techs Check Property for Black Mold in Your Area?

Yes, our technicians provide black mold tests. Black mold can be extremely dangerous even if invisible or hidden in some nook and corners for people with a weak immune system and respiratory conditions. It generally leads to chronic coughing and sneezing, rashes, and persistent headaches.

Are Mold Inspection and Mold Testing the Same Services?

No. The mold inspection service deals with visual checkups and analyses the moisture level inside your home and suggests things one should deal with humidity within the vicinity. In comparison to that, mold testing involves the process of identifying mold species, its level, and how necessary mold remediation might be.

Who Needs Mold Testing Service, and When?

It's not required to get homes and workspaces tested for mold on a regular basis. But, if you notice discoloration in any part of your home or your commercial property or feel like the wall is wet, you need a mold inspector on the case.

What Is the Cost of Mold Testing?

The cost of mold testing depends on various factors including the specie of the mold, surface area it has covered, and a number of samples. Call us at 305-433-7468 for a free estimate.

How Much Time Does Mold Testing Take?

Taking samples and visual inspection usually takes a few hours. Getting results from the lab takes 1-2 more working days. In case mold was detected in your property and you need mold remediation, it may take one more day or two.

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Contact our team, and get your issues resolved!

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